wade marynowsky

Souvenir,March 22nd – 4th April, 2007. Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space.

Blue tongued frilled necked wizard
, 2006, digital print on canvas, 140*130cm.

Blue tongued frilled necked wizard' shows an eye popping blue tongue / frilled neck hybridised lizard in front of Uluru. The image was sourced from a packet of Fizz Wizz, which is refined sugar or children’s cocaine. The wrongness of the image, its evidence of usage and its psychedelic tendencies made it significant to my collection of Australiana.

Bendalong_point, 2005, digital print on canvas, 140*130cm.

The enlarged found images are personally significant and often absurd. For example, Bendalong point is taken straight from the cover of “Blutak”. It is enlarged to reveal the detail of off - set printing also to recall the story of Bendalong, a man caught between two worlds. This image is important today in the ongoing struggle for re-conciliation.

Samurai Blue healer; 2006, digital print on canvas, 140*130cm Photo; C.Bender.

Samurai Blue healer comes from a photograph taken from a poker machine at the Hollywood hotel Sydney. It combines the working class dog; the blue heeler with a rising sun similar to one worn by the samurai of world war two. This represents the paradoxical juxtaposition between an Australian icon and its traditionally Japanese landscape.